Each era has marked a style both in customs and in the way people dress, in art and of course in the architectural styles and designs of houses, buildings and construction of houses in general.

In this aspect of architecture we have that trends and styles mark the layouts of the facade of houses and construction as such.

The conception of each project, according to the time in which it is carried out, will demand that concessions be made in the way of designing its facades, the distribution of the rooms, the annexes of terraces and galleries, the construction materials to be used, the constructive systems; also the style of the furniture and the interior decoration.

But like all fashion, sometimes it comes back after some years, as it happens in the decoration, having nowadays the vintage or retro fashion. So we can see Layouts of some houses that remind us of past times and are recently built with facades that look like the nineteenth century. In this idea book we will place some images that classify some trends in styles and give a brief explanation of each of the most successful.